Choosing a Location – Studio or Outdoor

Which location is best for you – studio or outdoor? Let’s explore why one or the other might be perfect for you.


Precious Relationships in Our Studio

1.  Weather is never a factor.  Our studio location is climate controlled to be comfortable year round.  Rain or shine, our studio is perfect for your portrait session.

2.  Dressing Room.  No need to change in the car or a strange restroom.  We have a designated comfortable dressing room for your child or family.

3.  Located on our acreage.  We schedule our studio appointments with you in mind.  No interruptions.  When you are in our studio, you are the focus.

4.  Beautiful professional lighting.  Our studio location provides a variety of beautiful lighting.

5.  Professional Backgrounds – we have many, many beautiful backgrounds and usually use 2 or 3 different ones during your portrait session.  We choose the perfect background that will look great with the clothing that you have chosen.

Just one of the beautiful backgrounds that we have in our studio.

Outdoor Locations

Heirloom Children’s Portraits

1. Natural Light – if you enjoy natural light, then an outdoor location might be perfect for you.

2. Our acreage – We have an outdoor location on our five acres in Edmond.

3.  Wildflowers – If you enjoy wildflowers you in the right place.  From mid-May through June, we have our own wildflower garden.

4.  Parks – parks are a great place to choose as well.  Several in the area have ponds, flower gardens, statuary, etc.

5.  Variety of looks – outdoor portaits can be dressy or very casual.

Wildflower Portraits are Different Colors Every Year – Mid-May thru June

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