Clothing For Your Portrait

This is a great example of weariing clothing that has different colors within the family, but all of the clothing blends very well together and looks beautiful on the wall.

What kind of clothing should I wear?  This is one of the most asked questions that we get in our studio.

It’s always up to you, but we can give you some ideas that might help you make the best selection for your portait session.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when making your clothing selections.

  • Timeless clothing works best.  When we say timeless, we’re not talking about period clothes.  What we’re talking about here is clothing that’s not too trendy. Hammer pants and large shoulder pads might be a little too trendy. It’s best to choose something that you can look at 25 years from now and still enjoy.  Even jeans and overalls can be considered timeless if they are paired with a nice shirt.
  • Colors.  It’s recommended that you stay within two or three colors.  That means if you choose shades of blue that blend and black, you have really just chosen one color – the blue.  Black and white are not considered colors as they go with any color you choose. If in doubt, I recommend you lay your clothes that you are choosing on a couch or bed in the room where your portrait will hang.  If a piece of clothing jumps out at you, it might need to be replaced.
  • Remember shoes.  Chances are that we will photograph you from head to toe.  So, make sure that your shoes look great with the clothes you have chosen.  Bare feet are beautiful too – especially where children and babies are concerned.
  • It’s best if the clothing fits well.  If sleeves are too long or the hem is too short, it can really change the look of your portrait.  Make sure that pants are not too short and proper socks are worn with the pants.
  • Choose clothing to match the look that you are after.  We love the look of a very formal portrait with gowns and tuxes as well as a casual portrait in jeans and overalls.
  • Solids work best.  It’s really important that you and your family are the center of attention.  When patterns and florals are introduced into the portrait, the faces can get lost.  If you really want to choose a pattern, make sure it is very soft, not distracting and any other clothing in the photograph blends well with it.
  • Sleeves.  Three quarter length and long sleeves usually look best on women.  Short sleeves and sleeveless dresses and shirts on women can cut into the arm and actually make them look wider.

This is a great ex

Reagan and Madison Stephens
Masterpiece of a Child in the Studio
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