Displaying Portraits in Your Home

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Displaying Portraits in Your Home

Sophie Reed – daughter of Shannon Reed – Displayed as a Masterpiece Portrait

Portraits can be displayed in any room in the home to add the perfect look and feeling.  Even in the restroom, the perfect portrait can add to its’ beauty.

A portrait can actually add to a childs’ self esteem.  To know that they are a treasured part of your family and that they mean so much to you that you want to look at their portrait every day means so very much.

Some of our clients have reported that their children actually stop and look at their portrait as they enter the room and that they know that their parents value them as part of the family.

When choosing a portrait to hang, consider the space.  We recommend measuring the space and allowing 3 inches around the frame for it to look good and fit into the space that you have chosen.

We will be happy to come help you measure your space if you are in doubt and help you determine the correct size that will look great in your home.

The head size in your portrait should be 50 to 100 percent life size.  We can help you choose the proper head size during your selection appointment.

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