Portrait Styles and Finishes

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Portrait Styles and Finishes

Classic Portrait Style

Usually a classic portrait is a photograph of your child or family with eyes looking into the camera.

We recommend beautiful expressions, but, not necessarily big smiles.  Though we’ll capture some smiles during the session, most of the time the perfect portrait has a sweet expression, but not big smiles.

Some of our most favorite portraits of our girls is just a sweet expression – no teeth and not many big smiles.

If smiles are very important to you, please let us know.

“Rockwell Style”

We have been creating “rockwell” style portraits for almost thirty years.  These are portraits that reflect personality and usually incorporate a slice of life into the portrait.

Many of these portraits will include an activity or looking down or both.

One of our favorite portraits is of my Dad and girls.  They are sitting around a wood pile.  My Dad is slicing apples and the girls are intently listening to his stories.  It is a treaured portrait in our home.

We would be happy to speak with you and plan the perfect “rockwell” style portrait for your home.


There are several portrait finishes available for you to choose from.  We are famous for our Masterpiece portraits, but, of course, the choice is up to you.  Below is a discription of several of our finishes.


These are our portrait paintings using current styles and methods to create a perfect art piece for you.  One of the great things about these portraits is that it is the best of both worlds – a beautiful painting that still represents the true likeness of the child or family.  They are mounted on artists canvas and are ready to frame.


These portraits also are painted, but, in a watercolor style.  They are mounted on fine watercolor paper and have a beautiful finish to protect them for long life.


These are portraits that are mounted on artists canvas, but, doesn’t include any of the painting processes listed above.  Still beautiful, they are perfect for your home or office.


These are portaits that are printed on photographic paper and mounted on a hard board for stability.

Whichever style or finish that you choose, we are here to help you along the way.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

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